Leadership Development

Develop, Strengthen, Multiply

In the countries we serve, the majority of evangelists have never had the opportunity for formal religious training. That’s why we work to help develop the leadership of the church by providing essential training to help local pastors develop, strengthen and multiply their churches. You can help us provide this training with a gift now.

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How Your Gift Advances the Gospel

Pastor Training

Ensures evangelists and church planters are properly resourced with culturally appropriate training, encouragement and resources.


Bible Schools

Teaches how to understand, apply and communicate the truth of God's Word.


Mentoring & Discipleship

Encourages and equips people to live out a real, effectual, impacted, Christian life.


Micro Business Cuba

Cuba is experiencing unprecedented change and, fortunately, change provides opportunities. Cuba’s economy continues to struggle, so much so, that the government, whom once boasted of one hundred percent employment, has laid off a half million of its workforce. Also, there are plans over the next few years to lay off an additional million more. To compensate for the loss of jobs at this year’s Peoples’ Congress, a decision was made to open the economy to some free enterprise concepts and limited land ownership. Individual Cubans can now purchase land and the government has approved 178 trades for those who wish to be self-employed or open a small business.

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