Ministering in a Muslim Community

It’s Truly a Miracle

WorldServe Ministries has been given an opportunity to come alongside believers in Ethiopia to train and equip them as they share Jesus with their neighbors. However, they won’t be just any neighbors . . . the areas leaders will be working in are Muslim strongholds and Christians face great danger and persecution as they share Jesus Christ in these regions. And while these men are witnessing many Muslims convert to the Gospel, they have little to offer in terms of discipleship and Bible study resources. That’s where we can help.

New territory

WorldServe has gained access to an entire training facility, strategically located in Ethiopia. This facility sits on nine acres and includes classrooms, a library, a dormitory with space for 50 students, guest houses for faculty and visiting lecturers, a cafeteria, two administration offices and a church that can hold more than 1,000 people! This facility will allow WorldServe to establish a church planting resource center focused on Muslim evangelism because it will be able to serve church planters in Ethiopia as well as neighboring Muslim countries such as Somalia, Sudan, and Eritrea.

You Can Help before It’s Too Late

It’s no secret that this is a volatile part of the world. We don’t know how long this door will be open but we’re so grateful for the opportunity God has given us. We pray you will join WorldServe as we equip church leaders to evangelize in this part of the world. With your help, we can make the most of this amazing opportunity, reaching the heart of the Muslim world with the heart of Jesus Christ and His love.