From Witchcraft to Righteous Worship

The Bondage of Witchcraft

Mayehu grew up in a family that worshipped witchcraft. When he was 12-years-old Mayehu’s family was “given to the spirit.” They became the servant of the local witchdoctor and regularly sacrificed for him. If they didn’t, it was believed one of their family members would be killed instead.

His Life Was Never The Same

One day Mayehu heard about Jesus Christ and His power. He prayed with believers that he would be freed from the bondage of witchcraft. Mayehu’s life began to change through the power of the Holy Spirit and as a result, he gave his life to Christ. However, what should have been a glorious time for Mayehu was filled with heartbreak. His family rejected him because he was a Christian and banished him from the family home.

From Witchcraft to Righteous Worship

Through all this challenges and difficulties Mayehu became strong in the Lord and began to witness in his village. He felt led by God to become a Church planter. Thanks to WorldServe partners he was able to attend Loke Mission School for training. Today, Mayehu is an avid church planter. Your gifts and prayers are key to helping make life-changing stories like this possible in Ethiopia and for Church planters in other areas we serve.