Dr. Garth Hunt Farewell


Dr. Garth and Betty Hunt


We are deeply saddened to  share the final farewell letter from our founder, Dr. Garth Hunt. Garth's health is failing and he is looking forward to his graduation to the next life. He wanted to share his heart and write you one last time. 

Many of you know about Garth's passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing God's word to the new believers and serving the local church! We are so thankful for the heritage he has left us at WorldServe Ministries. We promise to faithfully carry on Garth’s legacy to strengthen the persecuted church in difficult areas so they can boldly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Please read the following letter and remember to celebrate all God has done!  Please pray also for Garth as he prepares for his eternal reward.




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Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share your thoughts, condolences, favorite memory of Dr. Hunt or even pictures and videos. It means a lot to us and we know it will mean even more to the Hunt family. We will make sure that Dr. Hunt’s family receives all that you send us. Thank You!



Legacy Donations

Please consider donating to WorldServe Ministries, in honour of Dr. Hunt. Your contribution will carry Dr. Hunt’s legacy forward and help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the difficult areas where we serve. Thank you for this meaningful gift.

To make your gift, simply go our online donation form. On the 2nd step, under 'Designation', please make sure to select the option: “Dr. Hunt Legacy Giving”.  Thank-you for your generosity.


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