What's a House Church Like?


In their search for truth and hope Cubans are turning to Christ. As a result, the House Church movement has exploded. Cuban believers are excited about the opportunity to attend church and learn about the Lord.


Tears of Joy Streaming Down Their Faces

A typical house church will have between 15 to 150 members. The pastors are innovative professionals who have left careers as doctors, teachers or engineers to lead the church. Urban churches have different characteristics and forms. They can be old homes or apartments that have been converted into worship and meeting areas. They’re more likely to have access to technology and feature contemporary worship bands. The house church is creative and is developing many programs to reach children and teens in Cuba through outdoor and sports ministries.

Rural churches are much more primitive, smaller and impoverished. Often, worshipers will eagerly pack into small houses until they are spilling out into the streets and onto rooftops nearby. Although most services are standing room only, men, women and children think nothing of standing for three-to-four hours at a time as they worship and praise the Lord together with tears of joy streaming down their faces.


Be a Part of the Church in Cuba

Cuba’s influence is being reshaped by a faithful Christian movement and you can help by equipping Cuban pastors with the tools they need to minister to Cuban people in all communities.