Revival in Guantanamo

Go Forth

The vision was as vivid as it was compelling. Marsia* was to go to the city of Holguin and tell a young lady living there that God was going to use her to begin a great revival in Cuba. So she did. When Marsia knocked on the door, an elderly woman answered. Marsia explained that God had led her to this house with a message for a young lady who lived there. The elderly woman said the only young person living there was her granddaughter. Marsia asked to see a picture of her granddaughter. It was the girl in her vision. When Marsia met and talked to twenty-one-year old, Daisy*, she confessed she had a vision too. It told her to go to Guantanamo to preach and the Lord would use her to bring revival to that city.



God’s Work

On a Thursday night, Daisy* spoke at the local Assembly of God church in Guantanamo. The small church seated about 200 people, but there were far more than that in attendance. Ushers ended up removing all the pews, and the crowd packed the sanctuary, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. The next night even more people attended the service. And according to town officials, by Sunday, ten thousand people filled inside and all around the church. There were so many people, ushers set up a projector outside so the crowd could watch.  The pastor shared that he “Couldn’t stop it because he didn’t start it. It is God’s work.”


Revival for God’s Glory in Guantanamo

God “showed up” in a mighty, even miraculous way in Guantanamo and it all started with a call to obedience of two women who heard God’s voice and responded. The signs and wonders in Guantanamo were evident as people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. In fact, the church recorded more than 2,000 decisions for Christ. God calls us, each and every one of us, to serve one another. By supporting ministry in Cuba and in other countries where we serve, you’re helping impact lives for eternity.

*Names have been changed.