In the Shadow of the Ceiba Tree

In the Beginning

The words echoed in Aidit and Jasmine’s mind, “That can’t be God’s will. He wouldn’t send you there.” That’s what family and friends told the husband and wife as they shared their hearts’ desire to leave their home in Havana and move to a rural area with no Christian witnesses and begin a church. Things hadn’t gone as Aidit and Jasmine had planned. When they got to where God was leading them, they moved in with Aidit’s uncle. But after only one month, he suddenly died and the couple was forced to move out. They ended up living in an old rusted container as they began to plant their church.


Staking God’s Claim

In a bold move of faith they established their church in the shadow of the Ceiba Tree.  At night, people would sneak onto the property and leave offerings at the foot of the tree. Occasionally, Santaria followers even sought revenge on the church and Aidit and Jasmine, but God has protected them. On one occasion a man came into the church service intending to harm Aidit. As the man began to walk up the aisle, he was stopped, dead in his tracks. Then he fell down as if he had hit an invisible wall. He got up and tried to continue forward but it happened a second and even a third time. Finally in frustration, he ran out of the church.


The Power of the Church Shines Through

Throughout all the opposition they’ve faced, Aidit and Jasmine are committed to ministering to everyone who comes across their path. Today, the church has grown to roughly one hundred attendees. And many locals have come to Christ and been baptized. With God on their side, Aidit and Jasmine have removed the shadow of darkness, spiritually and physically. To show the power of the Ceiba Tree has been replaced with a much greater power, the church, they cut off branches as an example of its inability to influence the lives of the community.

With your help, we can work through people like Aidit and Jasmine to continue spreading the knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ to people in Cuba as well as in countries around the world where we serve.