Can't Keep a Good Man Down

An Enemy from Within

It was the last thing Antonio ever expected to happen. The transplant was unsuccessful. Now, both of his kidneys would have to be removed. As a church planter and pastor in Santiago, Antonio knows what it means to trust God. After all, he has seen God grow a number of house churches into vibrant centers of discipleship and faith. But his body failing was almost too much to handle. Without his kidneys, Antonio would have to spend every other day in a local hospital on dialysis. How would he continue his work for God? What would this that mean for his family?


Burdens Into Blessings

Thankfully, Antonio has the support of WorldServe and friends who support Compassion Ministries. Together, we work to turn burdens into blessings so that Antonio and his wife can remain passionate about making every day count as they continue to bring new souls into God’s Kingdom. Today, although he’s often physically weak from his dialysis, Antonio is enthusiastic about the growth taking place in his home church and the lives of new pastors he mentors. As a WorldServe partner, your prayers and financial gifts will support pastors like Antonio who work tirelessly to share the Gospel with many. Please keep Antonio and his wife in your prayers — and consider supporting pastors around the globe in their time of need.