Cuba Humanitarian

Outreach through Relief

When disaster strikes, our local partners in Cuba reach out to hurting people in Christ's name by providing relief. In recent years, this has included hurricane and flood relief. Through these Cuban partners, you can help shine the light of Christ’s love and compassion on those in desperate need of shelter, food, and water.

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Hurricane Sandy in Cuba Update

Hurricane Sandy is still impacting many Cubans in the eastern part of the island. Construction is ongoing as they try to rebuild after this devastating storm, however the problem is that construction supplies are hard to come by. The first step in trying to rebuild is to gather all the roofing items that were blown across the landscape. Unfortunately, once a storm hits in Cuba all of the salvageable material that was blown around is now a free-for-all which leaves many families with nothing. Many of these families are also left without the basic hygiene items like toothbrushes or toiletries. These items are difficult to come by and need to be transported in from Havana. In a storm like this all of those items are gone which has leave hundreds of people with absolutely nothing. Another difficult part is the lack of transportation since this makes it difficult for people to go to Havana to get these necessary items. Our local micro-business team have scheduled in monthly trips to take supplies to those in need. This is a collaborative effort with other agencies to get basic items like food, clothing, toiletries, and construction tools from Havana to those who are in need. We hope that you know that the support that has been provided here in Canada has helped tremendously.

On our recent trip to Cuba the locals in Havana gave from their own closets and their own limited food supply to provide some relief for the victims of Sandy. We were amazed, once again, that they gave so much out of what little they have. The projects are still active and we are supporting the local churches to the best of our ability. If you’re interested in supporting these relief projects, please click below and ensure you enter your donation under the Cuba tab under humanitarian aid. Blessings upon you this Christmas.