Community Health Evangelism

Help Breathe New Life
into Communities We Serve

When we begin to see others as God sees them, amazing things are possible. As we lead people in all areas of the world to Christ, we also must teach them practical ways to help them overcome their limitations. By partnering with WorldServe in this inclusive process of learning and change, you have the opportunity to not only improve the physical health of brothers and sisters worldwide, but the spiritual health of entire communities as well.

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Community Health Evangelism Training

Community Health Evangelists are trained in health and evangelism principles and in turn, they train local leaders in various communities. Then local leaders reach out to their neighbors, educating them on disease prevention, ways to promote community development, and by sharing the Gospel in an indigenous format. Trainers assure local leaders understand that Community Health Evangelism is not a program that offers them money. Instead, it is achieved at the initiative of the people to addresses their physical, social and spiritual needs.

Physical and Spiritual Change

Once a community unites and begins working together for the common good, health improves; infant mortality decreases; agriculture becomes more productive; jobs are created; water systems, roads, schools and clinics are built; and new churches are established while existing churches are strengthened. As believers participate in fellowship, prayer, Bible study and worship, they begin to share Christ with their neighbors in word and deed. From community to community, individual to individual, dynamic change takes place.