Children's Ministry

The Impact of Reaching Children

Nineteenth Century evangelist D. L. Moody once said,

If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!”

Children are the lifeblood of any nation. After all, they will carry Christ’s name to the next generation and beyond. That’s one reason WorldServe works to make Christ’s truth known at an early age by supporting day-camp ministry (including extensive follow-up outreach), as well as orphan care in Myanmar and education in Ethiopia. Your gift now will help even more children discover God’s love and grace, and win souls for Jesus to make an eternal difference.

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How Your Gift Works in Young Lives

Camps for Kids in Cuba & Myanmar

These special camps allow children to hear of Jesus' love in a way that can impact them for rest of their lives--and for eternity. Entire families have come to Christ through this ministry. Camps include fun activities, interactive gospel presentations, as well as meals and/or snacks. Because of extreme poverty in these countries, kids arrive at camp hungry, so the snacks and meals are essential to this ministry. Each church in the program not only runs the camp for 3-6 days but also agrees to provide a weekly follow-up program throughout the entire year.

You can send a child to camp for just $5, and a gift of $100 provides the opportunity for 20 children to hear the gospel and experience Christ's love through camps.

Orphan Care

Children in Myanmar continue to lose parents not only from illness and accident but also as a result of ongoing war. Orphans here are vulnerable to exploitation. They need shelter, food, clothing, education, and a nurturing environment where they can experience Christ's love. WorldServe works alongside the church to love these children as God would have us do.

Supporting an orphan in Myanmar costs just $25/month and provides basic needs, a Christ-centered education, and a home to live in with loving caregivers.

Education in Ethiopia

WorldServe is partnering with church leaders in a handful of poverty-stricken communities in Ethiopia. These leaders are taking the initiative to show God's love in practical ways that will open even more doors to the gospel. Each community has its unique needs, but they all have one thing in common: "Unless we educate our children in a value-based environment," they tell us, "nothing will change in Ethiopia." The Ethiopian churches are giving beyond their means to help provide education for as many children as they can. But needs surpass their giving capacity. Ways you can help include giving that will provide school supplies, books, uniforms (which provides clothing), scholarships, desks, classrooms, and teachers' salaries.

These are great projects for small groups or churches to undertake. Please call our main office to find out more information about how you can get connected with someone who can help you plan a fundraiser: 1-800-414-7788. Or you can simply click the donate button on this page to make an online contribution to impact a nation with the gospel through Children's Ministry.