Bible Distribution

"We Need Bibles!"

It’s one of the most urgent and frequent requests we hear. That's why we're championing our Million Bibles Campaign. We want to provide copies of God's Word to our ministry partners in places around the world where it's difficult if not impossible to get Bibles.

Your gift now can be an answer to prayer for people who have been waiting their entire lives for a chance to peer into the pages of scripture and read the life-sustaining words written there.

Meeting the Need

Our Connection: Church-Planting Partners

Our church-planting partners see firsthand the need for Bibles. Both long-time believers and new ones hunger and thirst for the encouragement, instruction, and direction that God's Word provides. We hear stories of believers dividing up a single copy of the Bible and sharing it as best they can. Some spend long hours hand printing portions from a borrowed Bible. As we provide Bibles, it is the church planters who are able to effectively distribute them among believers who are in need of them.


What You Can Do: Your Gift Provides Bibles

Rapid church growth in China, Cuba, Ethiopia, and Myanmar has led to an enormous need for Bibles. In these countries where we serve, Christians simply outnumber Bibles. Gifts from donors allow us to acquire copies of God's Word for people who have never had the privilege of holding and reading their own Bible. On average, providing a copy of the scriptures costs about $5.


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52,500 NTV Bibles to Cuba

A Trial Run in 2011: "This Bible Makes Everything So Clear!"

In 2011 WorldServe took the first steps toward the exciting prospect of distributing a new Spanish translation of the Bible that Tyndale House Publishing has produced, the Nueva Traduccion Viviente (NTV). An initial 5,000 copies were distributed in September 2011 at a series of five one-day conferences for pastors and leaders from 30 denominations.

One couple who had traveled a distance to attended one of the day-long conferences, went home that night and showed the new translation to their three teenage children. As these young believers examined the pages, they exclaimed, “This Bible makes everything so clear!”

The next day, their parents made the long trek back to city to ask for additional copies so that their children could share the Good News with their friends.

Fast-forward to 2014...

After much prayer, time, and effort in acquiring the appropriate government approvals, WorldServe was able to move forward with Tyndale to print and prepare a large shipping container of NTV Bibles to send to Cuba.

They've Arrived!

In August 2014 the long-anticipated shipment--a 40-foot container of 52,500 Bibles--arrived in Havana. The pictures below show the boxes being unloaded and prepared for transit. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in providing these precious copies of His Word!

CLICK HERE to view a Thank You video from Pastor Guillermo.