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Pastors all around the world sacrifice much in order to share the Gospel message. Some walk miles in the hot sun to bring the message of love and redemption to tribal communities. Others, risk imprisonment and even death to share about the hope and joy found in knowing God. Meanwhile, others struggle to eke out a living for their families as their days are filled with ministry opportunities that often are not financially profitable. One of the mandates of WorldServe Ministries is to support these pastors in their ministry efforts. We do this through our Sponsor-A-Pastor program.

Each year, our Sponsor-A-Pastor program provides support for over 480 pastors in places like Ethiopia, China, and Cuba. Through the faithful support of donors, these pastors are equipped to share God’s love in word and deed. The financial aid given through this program enables pastors to start churches, distribute Bibles and Christian literature, provide discipleship and Bible training materials, and also supplements their meager incomes and travel expenses.

For $50 a month, please consider providing a pastor with the resources they need to reach their communities for Christ.

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